Monday, August 31, 2009

Scrubs and puppies, what a job...

So me and Bryan bought a paper yesterday to look at the classifieds. I found many ads and emailed many people. Just as I was about to quit looking Bryan saw an advertisement for a veterinarian hospital. It had a phone number to call after 8:00am today. So I saw Bryan off to work and called the number listed for the veterinarian hospital. I was told to come between 9am-11am today, so I printed off my resume, straightened my hair, put some makeup on and off I went to find this place. Once I finally found it I realized it was a very good distance from our home. only took about 10-12 minutes to get there. There were many ladies there applying for the job as well. After writing down all my information i took it back to the receptionist Vivian. now Vivian was such a cute person, she was older, but one of those classy ladies with the cool blue glasses and cute clothes, asn ad I stood there she whispered something to me, but I couldn't hear her, so she had me come to the back, and told everything she didn't want to talk about personal info in front of everyone.

As I walked to the back she said that she was the vet's wife and wanted me to really meet him. So I proceeded on to his office stopping along the way to pet an adorable shih-zu puppy with the name of angel. So cute. I waited in his office with a slight fear that the stuffed ducks on the wall may someone come of the wall and start pecking at my head. Let me tell you there were a lot of ducks on the wall, pegged him for a hunter. Which was a great way to start the conversation, and once he saw I was fron iowa he decided to tell me all about his last vacation to Canada and how he loves the outdoors. Funny a vet who loves to hunt, hehe, makes me laugh.

Anyways we went on to talk about me and reasons I would like to work there and about the pay and schedule. At the end he told me it was a great interview and he would definitely call me tomorrow....BUT I guess he got antsy and liked me just enough to give me a call tonight, as I answered he said hello amanda? I said yes this is she, and he proceeded without a name, to ask, "Do you want a job?" I instantly knew who it was, I was so excited as I remembed my nap time dream this afternoon of puppies. so He told me to come in this Friday at 8:45am. I will work full time and like one hour on some Saturdays and 1hour in the morning and at night on Sunday morning, which I could do before we leave for church. And the great part, I can wear scrubs all day to work. No morw worried about fat days and feeling gross in my clothes. YAY YAY YAY!!!

Did I mention at the end of the job I said YAY when he said he would call and let me know, guess that was ok. I'm a charmer what can I say.

Then on top of the new job, Bryan got a call from the same person that gave him and his parents their dog, about a shih-zu dog that is 6 months old and they want $75 for. I want a dog so much, but the deposit for pets at our apartments is a huge amoung of $400 and we only get half of that back. Plus it would be hard to take the puppy out everytime they have to got pottie. It would be an investment, so we are still deciding. It is a boy and Bryan really wants a girl, so that's another down fall. huh, we shall see what we do about this. I think we are leaning towards waiting, which is alright.


  1. Yay Amanda! I'm so excited for you. Great things seem to fall from the sky (a.k.a. God) when we least expect them. Sounds like the perfect job for you. :)