Friday, April 16, 2010

Well I feel like I've been busy since the last time I wrote. We have a puppy now as many of you know. She's is a wonderful mess and a handful, SMILE. Yesterday I was trying to teach her something and she kept running and hiding or grabbing the treat from my hand without doing what I asked and was trying to teach. Then at one point she sat on my legs as I laid down to take a nap and turned to look at me and STUCK HER TONGUE OUT at me, it was probably not on purpose but it sure looked like it was. That little crazy girl. I feel so much like a mom with her though.
My Grandma and Great Uncle Lawrence came to visit last weekend, that was so nice to see them. They were just driving through to get to their sisters in Texas and decided to stop. I miss my grandma so much sometimes. I think Bryan and I are going to try to go to Iowa for the 4th of July, and stay with my dad and step mom for two days and with my grandma for two days. I love small town 4th of July events!
I'm on weight watchers. I've lost 11 lbs so far, and it's taking me forever to do it, I weigh in every Sunday and this week I've worked out so hard and really pushed myself so I'm sure I lost something at least. The past few week I've hit a plateau and it's been so hard to lose anything, but I have only gained one pound during this no lose streak. It's hard to lose weight when you don't have a whole lot to lose. It comes off slower. But I'm still charging on to this new healthy lifestyle and better way of eating. Bryan is helping me a lot. It took him a while but he's come around in the past month and wants to eat healthy with me and he's working out with me when he gets off work in time. I love that man, he makes me want to be a better person, but he loves me as I am so much and he never forgets to tell me and show me that. I am so blessed.

starting weight: 154lbs
Goal weight: 125lbs
Current weight: 143lbs
Still have a ways to go. But I finally believe enough in myself to know that I can do this and I deserve this as well.
Well this post is pretty long, so I will close it up for now, and write later.