Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Were You

I was in the car driving home from lunch and had a country mood moment. This happens often. And the Alan Jackson song that says 'Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day?" First of all, I can't believe this song is so popular, and second it made me think about that day.
I was at my new high school, JFK High School, walking out of Spanish Class to English (favorite class). I heard people talking about the planes, and had no idea what they were talking about. Then I go to English and saw the tv. I felt like the whole world had stopped and I felt so alone instantly. This was the first time since I was a young girl that I realized I may not be as safe as I thought I was.
I remember talking to a very important person in my life at that time about it after school and this person just said they had heard and that was it. I felt like, "who are you to not care about this world and how can you not be sad knowing all the people that just lost their lives and the families of those people, who would never see their spouse, sister, brother, dad, mom, daughter, grandson, etc again. This was a huge moment in my life. This was the moment I realized the most important person in my life at that time was nothing like me and we were growing apart quickly.
I say all this, because I don't think anyone will forget that day and where they were, b/c it stunned and shook us all. I hate when we decided to go to war in Iraq, but after many months of prayer and tears over the people I knew were dying, I started to realize that we needed the protection and it was done b/c it was the best thing the President could think to do. I understood why we were there.
But, can I ask, why after 9 years are we still there, I no longer understand?? Some people say we need to finish what we started, but I think we finished that a long time ago. I'm not blaming anyone for why we are still there nor am I wanting an argument, just answers.
Well these were some thoughts I was having today, with all this all I can do is pray for all those people fighting for us her and all the government officials. For God is still on His throne and still in control. We can trust in him.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brace Face.

Well I was finally able to get braces, and I thought I would start it out right with hot pink rubber bands. I've have them for a week now, and they still hurt. I'm definitely getting used to them , but try to give me a cool ranch dorrito (my favorite kind of chip) and I will have to deny. I haven't mastered eating hard stuff yet. In the morning I have to wait ten minutes to eat my cereal so it soft enough to eat. This will be a long journey, but I'm excited to finally have a smile I've always dreamed of. I'm so blessed to have a husband who loves me and understands me so much to allow an extra monthly payment for me to have a life long dream. I know how dramatic, but for me braces means a lot.
In other news, i'm enjoying having Nev Nev home and staying with us. This week went so fast and wasn't as stressful due to me knowing I get to see her and that we are able to let her stay with us, for as long as she needs.

Welp, guess that's all for now.