Tuesday, August 18, 2009

work out plan

So I made a blog, thanks to my friend Nevan telling me to over and over to get one.

So I have some weight loss and what I guess you would call the drive to get healthier. Last week I started writing in my food journal again and today me and my husband have signed up at the Aspen athletic club. Well we have 30 free days there, and will decide at the end of the 30 days if we can afford to have a membership there. I'm hopeful, b/c I think when my back and knee start to hurt, which is usually what causes me to quit most the time, Bryan can push me to keep going. Well I hope he pushes me to keep going. I'm excited to work out, b/c I know it will eventually help me have a lot more energy and bring more positivity into my life which is currently crowded with looking for a job, and trying not to lose faith in the process.

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