Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So most of you have probably seen the number event happening on Facebook these days. Well if you aren't familiar. People are giving random numbers to me or vice versa and I write in my status how I met them, memories and my thoughts on them.
I have realized that maybe I have had an impact on people while growing up. I think back to the small town I spent most my younger years at. I wonder if I have made an impression and positive memory for my friends there? Well during the number thing, I have reconnected with one of my best friends during those years, and I realized not only how much I missed her and loved our time together, but also that she didn't forget about me.
I also, during this number game, came to the knowledge of sometimes the people you think are some of your closest friends don't view me the same way. And it hurt for awhile, but it is ok. All my closest friend, no matter how they viewed me, all made a difference in my life and helped me become the person I am today, so I can't be so sad about it.
Well those are just some thoughts I've been having.

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