Saturday, August 22, 2009

Faith like a child...

So I had a great day celebrating Bryan's 25th birthday with him. I have this irresistible attraction to birthdays, they make me so happy, especially when I get to be involved in the person's birthday party. So today I woke up happy as a clam. We went out to eat and then went to two movies at Tinseltown.

First movie on the list(full from lunch, a little tired but ready for a good movie):: Julie and Julia-- Now I want to cook better, and blog a whole lot more.

Second movie for the day, (Slightly more tired and ready to eat something):: The Perfect Getaway-- Good movie but came out frustrated, very frustrated and as much as I wish I could say the frustrations came from hating the ending of the movie or the lack of twists after the main twist, but that's not where it came, because the movie was fairly good and I'm glad we saw it.

Where does the frustration come from, you ask?

Answer: PARENTS!!!!!!, well at least the parents at this movie.

I get it that it's hard to find time to go see a good movie when you have children and you need time not just with your children every second of the day, who wouldn't get that?

So of course, so that you can see a good movie, and not have to worry about the children, buy some popcorn, pour on the butter and slap a bag of raisnets in the 6 year old's hands and walk them straight into the Rated R movie and tell them to sit quietly

NO WORRIES RIGHT, the child has their candy and pop and many rows to play hide and seek in so it's time to sit back and watch the movie. But as we sat and watched the blood gush from a ladies hand and the back of a man's scalp be ripped off, all I could think about was the little girl starring at the illuminating screen with her jaw open wide, and eyes big as the hole in the ladies hand that just got shot. Do her parents ever realize what they are doing? Does the child eve realize what she is seeing?

Answer: I don't think they do.

In the bible we are called to come to Christ like little children, pure, curious, without second guessing everything and full of hope and faith... What age can we say now that we want to come to Christ as, when 6 year olds are watching movies full of cussing, nudity, killing, blood, stabbing, and should I go on? No wonder children are beating kids up on the school bus and calling them awful names in only the first grade.

I hear so many arguements on things like this. One would be that if they are hearing and seeing some of the same things at home what's the difference. Maybe there is no difference but does that mean people who work at a theater like this can't stop parent's from taking their children into a movie like this. When does the community at large have a priority to stand up and say no your children cannot come to see that movie. Why can't we try to protect children from a world of hate and promiscuity for at least a little longer than 2 years outta the womb? What's wrong with giving children a little hope in this world when later in life all they will know is lots of hurt, anger, and fear?

I, for one, wish that I could go back and know a world without fear, anger, and hate surrounding me at such a young age, so that when it came at me straight in the face I would not react with a confusion and running shoes, but with a hope for tomorrow.

Yes, I know hope now and a life withour fear everyday, but it took me a while to get there, and I beg parents to REALIZE that protecting your children does not mean you hide everything from them, or teach them that they will never feel hurt. It's about teaching them trust, love and hope no matter what's out there.

So the conclusion: HAVE A DAYCARE AT THE THEATER, I guess. Or, just stop taking children to movies where they can't even spell the body part that just got cut off. There is nothing wrong with instilling a certain hope for good in the world to children! And let's be honest, movies/media have lost that innocense like a child and hope for a better tomorrow.

Why not be the ones to bring it back?