Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hopes went up, and then hopes came down... QUICKLY

I will probably make some people mad by the words that are about to be written. I have a tendency to get my hopes up about lots of things, especially when it's a date with Bryan that consists of going somewhere other than the movies. So last Friday we went to the Oklahoma State fair. How to describe the fair, hmm... searching for words... well sorry but, 'let down' is all I can say. The mayor recently made a plan to spend lots of money to fix up OKC some more including the state fair grounds, and if that means making it not so much of a sad event for me, then I'm all for the money being spent.
NOT EVERYTHING was a let down, the food, it always makes my taste buds happy, but I hate to say that I felt as if I could have stopped at sonic and went to Bricktown and did all the same things that the fair had, except I would have spent a lot less money. So along with the food we did walk through the buildings, but after that, we got bored. Now our feet did really hurt because of work all day, but we wanted more to see, more to do.
So we went to the ride part of the fair, and we did see things we wanted to ride, but thought about how we could spend the money on food instead, so we went back to where all the food was and got snack foods... hehehe we eat too much.
Here's the kicker for me, I'm from Iowa originally. I went to the Iowa state fair most of my life, only missing a few years of going due to lack of money. The Iowa state fair is a place that millions of people visit every summer at the begining of August. If you know me at all you all know that I do not ever want to live in Iowa again and it was a boring place to grow up in, but the Fair made up for the boring summers, it was Amazing. I loved the Iowa State Fair. now people who have never been to the Iowa state fair and only the Ok state fair don't like that I say that, b/c this fair is all they know. Bryan often asks me, what more could a fair have, and then I go on with all the things that I am used to at a state fair
I have been to the OK state fair three times now and have not been impressed at all. no maybe I go at the wrong time of the day and I'm missing something. I was beginning to think that maybe the Iowa state fair was only as great as I had imagined it was UNTIL I started to work at the vet's hospital. My boss, the vet and his wife have been through Iowa many times due to having friends from there, and they have been to the IA state fair, and they said after that they really haven't been back the OK state fair, because it is just not too interesting, it all seems the same each year. They have friends in Canada that are from iowa and make the trip every year to go back to the Iowa fair because they love it, which is when I knew that my fond memoried of the IA state fair. It's not just a whole lot more land, which is true, that makes it better in my opinion, it's the more things they have to do and watch. I love the talent shows and they have them consistently throughout the whole day.
Anyhow I say all this not to say that you all can't like the Oklahoma state fair, b/c maybe it is all you know; maybe it holds some great memoried for you, which all that is great. But I just wanted to put it out there that i left a very sad, disappointed girl after the fair. Except for the corndogs that floated around in my tummy...

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